April 14-16, 2025

Signia by Hilton | Orlando, FL

Put Your Company in the Spotlight

Now in its fifth year as the premier conference for Medicare and Health Insurance agents, MedicareCon, led by Justin Brock and the BBI Team, stands as the unrivaled #1 gathering. Strategically designed to advance industry discourse, the event spotlights symbiotic relationships among agents, marketing groups, insuretech platforms, and evolving consumer needs.

Why Sponsor MedicareCon?

  • Industry Excellence: Secure unparalleled exposure by aligning your brand with the foremost conference in the Medicare and Health Insurance domain. Demonstrate your commitment to excellence and innovation, placing your brand at the forefront of industry advancements.

  • Engage with Industry Pioneers: Join forces with national experts and thought leaders as they lead discussions during our dynamic three-day event. As a sponsor, gain exclusive opportunities to connect and learn from the best, fostering relationships that extend beyond the conference.

  • Showcase Your Expertise: Elevate your brand by positioning it alongside panel discussions, breakout sessions, and targeted networking opportunities. As a sponsor, you'll be part of shaping the discourse, showcasing your expertise to an engaged and influential audience.

  • Integrated Brand Energization: Be part of a vibrant community that values innovation and growth. Sponsorship at MedicareCon isn't just about visibility; it's about integrating your brand into a network of forward-thinking individuals shaping the future of the Medicare and Health Insurance landscape.

  • Tailored Sponsorship Packages: Choose from a range of sponsorship levels, each offering a unique opportunity for brand elevation. From exclusive party sponsorships to even the WiFi, find the sponsorship package that perfectly aligns with your brand goals.

Unlock Your Potential: Elevate Your Brand with MedicareCon Sponsorship

MedicareCon is more than a conference; it's a transformative platform. Seize the opportunity to position your brand at the heart of industry excellence. Contact us today to discuss how MedicareCon sponsorship can maximize your brand's impact and drive lasting success in the Medicare and Health Insurance sector.

Ready to position your brand at the heart of industry excellence? Explore the unique opportunities awaiting your brand through MedicareCon sponsorship. Dive into our comprehensive prospectus to discover tailored packages that align perfectly with your goals. Gain insights into how your brand can take center stage, engaging with agents, FMOs, carriers, marketing groups, and insuretech platforms on this common ground. Elevate your presence, showcase your expertise, and maximize your brand's impact at MedicareCon. Download the prospectus now and unlock the gateway to unparalleled exposure and influence in the Medicare and Health Insurance sector.

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